The Morrison Government Must Support ALL Casual Workers

1.1 million casual workers employed within the last 12 months will miss out on the JobKeeper Payment. Recently in parliament, Labor pushed for an amendment to include all casual workers, no matter the length of employment. Sadly, the Liberal National Government voted it down.

These workers should be included in the JobKeeper Package so that they have stable income while we see this crisis through, and so they are also there to restart our economy after this crisis is over.

The Treasurer Josh Frydenberg could extend eligibility for the JobKeeper wage subsidy payment, with the stroke of a pen.

This issue is bigger than politics. This is about people’s livelihoods. 

If you are one of these casual workers, I am continuing the fight for you. But I need your help to build pressure on the Government. 

Sign this petition to send the Morrison Government a message.