Anika's Priorities

Easing pressure on Northside families

The cost of housing has gone up. The cost of an education has gone up. The cost of childcare has gone up. The cost of private health insurance has gone up. But Australian wages have been remained the same for the past five years. Northside families are working harder than ever but we’re getting squeezed despite our efforts. It’s never been more difficult for young people to buy a house or build financial security. 

Building a strong economy that works for all

Company profits are growing at more than twice the rate of worker wages. Yet last year, a third of Australian companies paid no tax. A multinational company or CEO should not pay less tax than their own executive assistants or their cleaners, whose work make their profits possible. We need to fix our tax system to make things fair for all of us who are contributing to Australia’s economy. 

Fighting for assistance during Covid-19

This year has delivered some very tough times for the residents of the Lilley electorate. We have worked together on the northside to highlight the inherant gaps in the JobKeeper support system, and through constructive problem solving, we have delivered really good results. But there are still people falling through the cracks, like our Arts and Entertainment industry workers, and the thousands of Dnata workers who were told they would not be eligible for JobKeeper payments due to changes made by the Federal Government that excluded “sovereign entity” employers. I will continue to fight for a fair deal for these workers.

I'd like to give a special thanks to all of the essential workers of Lilley, who have served us so well during COVID-19. We didn't expect 2020 to look like this, but they have risen to the occasion. We also have thousands of retail workers who have risen to unexpected challenges in 2020. They deserve good pay, they deserve our appreciation, they deserve safe conditions at work and they deserve our support and thanks.