Aircraft Noise Petition

Ms WELLSĀ (Lilley) (16:09): On Monday, the Standing Committee on Petitions tabled a petition calling on the House of Representatives to free Airservices Australia from regulatory capture and ensure the Air Services Act protects the human and natural environment, community amenity and residential areas from the effects of the operation and use of aircraft. The petition also calls upon the House to review the Liberal-National government's decision in 2007 to approve the second runway at Brisbane Airport. I would like to thank Margaret and Amanda, who came to my mobile office in Wavell Heights to raise the issues around this petition with me.

This seems like a pretty commonsense petition, and I call on the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development to provide a timely response to the suggestions for noise mitigation and to avoid any further buck-passing. As we know, the Morrison government isn't a big fan of inquiring into the decisions of its past or its present ministers, and it will never miss an opportunity to shaft the blame to another government or regulatory body, so we will see what the Deputy Prime Minister delivers.

Going forward, I will be drafting my own submission on behalf of the Lilley electorate to the Brisbane Airport Post Implementation Review Advisory Forum. I encourage northsiders who are living in my electorate of Lilley to send me an email by Friday 29 October if they would like to contribute to my submission. I thank the House.