Barnaby Joyce

Ms WELLS (Lilley) (13:48): The newly-sworn-in Deputy Prime Minister must be the only Australian still eligible for JobKeeper, I reckon! He's the only Australian that this Morrison government has deemed eligible and worthy of 'job keeper'. There are 6,600 aviation workers in my electorate of Lilley who would dearly love to see the same kind of commitment to reviving their jobs as they've witnessed from the coalition government this week. I have Virgin Australia workers at both head office and the airport; Qantas baggage handlers; dnata workers; and Lockheed Martin at Pinkenba got shut down under this government's mismanagement of the economy. There are Avato workers who have had their pay and conditions cut by the former Attorney-General, and Volgren workers who have had the LNP ship their jobs to China in the past couple of weeks.

But, no, instead, this Morrison government is focused on trying to bring this dinosaur back from extinction! Ostensibly, this leadership spill has come about because the coalition government is worried about getting to net zero by 2050—a worthy goal that the globe agrees with. But this new Deputy Prime Minister is someone who, remember back when, was worried about the $100 Sunday roast. This is the public policy nous—this is the subtlety and this is the craftsmanship that the coalition government is bringing to the climate change debate. Now I understand why the former DPM has been so passionate about eradicating noxious pests! All week, we've had the former Deputy PM warning about a rodent plague, and now he has been rolled by a root rat!