Fighting for Lilley flood victims

Ms WELLS (Lilley) (13:52): My community on the north side of Brisbane has been smashed by torrential rains and floods over the past four weeks, and the Morrison government has abandoned us, right when we needed public service the most. The Morrison government gave Queenslanders one-third of the disaster payment that they gave to New South Wales for the same severe weather event. And, despite earlier this term giving themselves the particular federal powers to do so, they did not call the national emergency until it was far too late. It took one month for some people in my community to receive the natural disaster payment, and they needed that thousand dollars to pay the excess for their insurance claims to even get the process started.

The Morrison government rejected 17 of the 20 disaster mitigation projects requested by Queensland for Queensland. Even today, as we gather here for the federal budget, the Morrison government are still refusing to jointly fund the Queensland government's $771 million disaster recovery package.

Queenslanders understand that the catastrophic effects of climate change are the biggest threat to our homes, to our local economy, to our national productivity and to our national security. Queenslanders understand that that is what the federal budget needs to outline tonight—a plan for our recovery, a plan for our future. Queenslanders will not forget who refused to hold a hose when we needed it most and who doesn't deserve their trust for another term in government. (Time expired)